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structural walls
The load-bearing walls LightWal have been sized to receive load and in some cases can work as beams of high inertia. This option is very often associated to a LightFloor floor as well as to a LightCob roof providing solutions of compatibility between the architecture and the main supporting structure
LigthWall is a comprehensive solution for sturdy walls, composed by five basic elements: OSB panel, metallic structure, thermal and acoustic insulation, exterior and interior finishing
Componentes LigthWall

1 - OSB panel ("Oriented Strand Board") for structural purposes with specific physical and mechanical characteristics in accordance to the conception and building regulations, in wet or dry environment.

2 - Light steel frame, made of structural steel profiles S280GD.

3 - Thermal and acoustic insulation in accordance with the project requirements, (rockwool)

4 - Interior finishing / passive protection against fire , (pasterboard)

5 - Exterior finishing /multilayer technology .

LightWall Structure
Technical advice

Contracting the LightWall system we assure a data collection on the architecture and work specifications that will be the basis of the structural sizing and its construction project


Lightweight materials – Lightweight materials - building overcharge prevention. It avoids the use of heavy lifting equipment ;

• Thermal and acoustic insulation – different layers of the proposed wall allows the use of a great variety of thermal and acoustic insulation;

• Reversibility of the intervention
– the solution executed can be easily disassembled, transformed or recycled and cost control;

• Fast assembly – the benefits of this structure modularity and specialized workforce (Authorized Installer)provide the highest level of execution

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